California Transaction Coordination Services

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Transaction Coordination Services

Don't worry, you don't need to learn our process. We'll work with you to learn how you run your business and and look for ways we can take things off your plate, while also handling all of the paperwork, signatures, and compliance for your transactions.

We customize our process to each of our clients, so you can run your business exactly how you want.

New Listings

Review Listing Agreement
Order and Review Natural Hazard Disclosure Report and Preliminary Title Report
Prepare Packet of Seller-Signed Disclosures, Advisories, and Reports for Fast Delivery to Buyer When Offer is Accepted
Enter Listing into E-file System

New Escrows

Start by sending us the executed purchase agreement and all counter offers.
Create a Timeline of Important Dates
Open Escrow (if instructed)
Review Initial Paperwork and Request Missing Documents and Disclosures from the Cooperating Agent
Use DocuSign, E-mail, or Fax to Obtain Signatures from You and Your Client
Generate Forms in ZipForms as Necessary
Remind You When Deadlines are Approaching
 Promptly Enter All Completed Documents in E-file System for Broker Review

Teamwork makes the dream work

Real Estate Launchers is the key to connecting your goals to your future achievements. We are your dedicated training team. We will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel in your professional field. Boost your confidence, master the field, grow your business.

Samantha Procida

Licensed Transaction Coordinator

Tanya Knowles

Licensed Transaction Coordinator

Tom Knowles

Marketing Coordinator

What our clients say:

"This helps me IMMENSELY and is priceless. Getting your RE license is one thing but it's hard to really grasp everything learned until you are in the field. Seeing this now ties it all together. The disclosures and document section is EVERYTHING."

- Tabitha R, Realtor

"I have been a Realtor for 37 years. During that time, I have consulted with Tanya on a myriad of real estate related questions and requested her expertise for a wide variety of projects. Tanya is always my “go to” person and I can honestly say that her knowledge in so many areas is the exact collaboration I have needed to enhance my business even further."

- Pat Crowe, Realtor

Tanya Knowles has me provided the best technical support, marketing data preparation, and Transaction Coordination. She is the leading authority on market conditions here, and guides a large number of Realtors on future opportunities and pitfalls."

- Rob Feder, Broker Associate

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